Foods And Drink For Cancer Prevention You May Not Know

In this time, when reports only show that cancers are caused by polluted environment, improper eating and drinking habit and heredity, there is exactly no treatment for these types of diseases.

According to the reports of the conference, lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancers and so on are the most common disease. Fortunately, there are also a lot of foods and drinks which can help us to prevent those diseases effectively.

1. Garlic

Garlic is the simple food which in the top chart for cancer prevention and anti-aging.  The disadvantage of this food is the reek, even awful sweat after we eat it. To overcome this point, we can drink green tea – another anti-cancer drink or eat bread. Normally, you should smash garlic and eat with sauce or soup because only raw garlic can prevent cancers.

2. Green tea


Green tea is a kind of anti-cancer drink which is so effective that Japanese government mobilizes people to drink it on the streets. Even, there is also staff pouring free teas for everyone.  Besides, bottled green tea is always enjoyed by people here.

3. Tomato

It is the indispensable spice and important ingredient in types of sauce. When buying tomatoes, you should pay attention to their pulps, if they are green, let be careful because you might buy tomatoes soaked in harmful chemicals. When using tomatoes, you should fry them to liberate cellulose, lycopene and prevent intestinal diseases.

4. Turmeric

It is the top food for digestive disease prevention, especially diseases related to stomach. Normally, turmeric is used with honey, mixed with water at room temperature and used 3 times/day before meals.

5. Carrothow-to-make-carrot-juice

The final anti-cancer food is carrot; we can eat both raw and cooked carrots as well. Especially, we can blend it to drink the liquid part. Western people often enjoy this great food because it can not only prevent cancer but also be good for skin.

These foods and drink mentioned above are some effective ones which are extremely effective for cancer prevention. Don’t forget to add them in daily meals for the better health.

11 Living Rules You Must Know

  1. Incomes: Do not depend on the only source of income. You should make an investment to create the second chance.
  2. Expenses: If you keep buying the things you do not really need, soon you will have to sell the things you need actually.
  3. Rank: Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.
  4. Risks: Do not check the depth of a river with your both legs.
  5. Investment: Do not put all the eggs into a basket.
  6. Hope: Honesty is a very expensive present. Do not expect it from the stingy people.
  7. Living for present: If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are worried, you are living in the future. If you are calm, you are living in the present.


The past is waste paper. The present is a newspaper and the future is a questionnaire.

  1. Facing with the worst: When there are bad things that happen in your life, you have three options: You can let them define you, destroy you or let them make you stronger.
  2. Poor and rich: The empty bags can teach you a million things in life, but the full bags can break you in a million ways.
  3. Looking to the future: Our eyes are in front because looking at the front is more important than looking behind.
  4. Mistakes: When we were little, we use the pencils but now we use the pens, do you know why?

Because the mistakes we made in the childhood can be erased but not now. Therefore, read and write carefully, otherwise, your life will be a wiping paper.

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8 Secrets Of The Excellent Salesman


8 Secrets Of The Excellent SalesmanWhen having an appointment with any customers, you should prepare a clear description about the products that you provide, and the related cost.

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